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Host your next function at Scarecrow

We offer an intimate & warm environment for private functions with capacity for seating up to 30 guests for table service, or up to 45 guests for stand-up events.


Our space lends itself to special occasions in a relaxed atmosphere. Scarecrow is an ideal place to share with colleagues, friends or family. Whether you are hosting a small celebration, a team event, a special guest or you’re just looking for a cosy venue to be with friends, we can help you.


Our food is seasonal & our menus are easily adapted to suit your needs. We offer a range of meals, platters and sweets that cater to most dietary preferences. Our quality NZ wines & beers, many organic, biodynamic & vegan, have been carefully selected to compliment our food.


Scarecrow hosts business dinners, book launches & birthdays. If your event doesn’t start with ‘B’, that’s okay with us too! We’ve also been the chosen venue proud to host Film Directors in New Zealand to participate in the DocEdge Film Festival.


Your Promotional Event
We are happy to have your promotional event in our space, however we do not provide equipment such as projectors and microphones. Our space is ideally suited to events that are more social in nature, rather than those requiring formal presentations. Previous successful events have included book launches, product launches, food & wine tastings and other similar activities.


Your Workshop, Talk or Tasting
A number of workshops, talks and tasting evenings have been hosted in Scarecrow. Contact us if you need a small and friendly space for your Workshop or Tasting evening.


For all event or catering inquiries please contact We look forward to working with you on your next event with Scarecrow.

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