Why Graduation Flowers are a great way to celebrate achievement

Why Graduation Flowers are a great way to celebrate achievement

If you’re wondering if it’s appropriate to give graduation flowers, the short answer is yes! Your special person has worked hard for their qualification and their graduation day will be one of the most memorable days of their life.

As a family member, friend, or partner, you want to show them how proud you are with a meaningful gift. A bouquet of graduation flowers is a thoughtful way to show them that you care and to congratulate them on their life-changing accomplishment.

While different flowers symbolise different things – for example, red roses represent love – the overall significance of gifting flowers remains the same. Over the years, giving graduation flowers has become more of a tradition. Flowers add joy and life to any celebration, making it the perfect companion to a blossoming graduate.

If you live or work in Auckland, you’ll have seen plenty of new graduates walking around Auckland CBD with flowers from well-wishers.


What graduation flowers should you choose?

Get your creative juices flowing when it comes to choosing graduation flowers. You could choose a bouquet based on the graduate’s favourite colours, or you could choose them based on the graduate’s school colours. You could even consider pairing the flowers with a balloon, chocolates, or celebratory bottle of wine to add an extra special touch.

Some florists offer a graduation bouquet – if you’re unsure of what flowers to choose, you can always choose this option to defer to their experience in selecting flowers. 


When should you present graduation flowers?

It can be hard to find the exact right moment to give your graduate the flowers, especially since they’ll be busy catching up with friends and taking photos, giving and receiving congratulations, and preparing for the stage. Consider their personality when deciding which of these moments would be the best time to give them the flowers:


Before graduation day

 Giving them flowers before graduation day shows them you’re thinking about their achievement before the ceremony, which can help build their confidence.


Before the graduation ceremony

 This is a great time to gift them the flowers, as they’ll likely be holding them when they walk across the stage – this will spread joy and the celebration spirit to those around them. You could also consider giving them something they can wear, such as a corsage or a lei.


After they receive their qualification

 This is the most common time for people to give their loved one flowers. End their graduation ceremony on a high by surprising them with a beautiful bouquet.


After the ceremony

If you’re throwing a graduation party, you could use the flowers as a centrepiece.


If you can’t be at the graduation ceremony

Sometimes life gets in the way and you’re unable to attend the graduation ceremony. These days, florists offer a delivery service, which means you can still show your presence and demonstrate your love on or before the day.


Get your graduation flowers from Scarecrow


If you’re looking for graduation flowers to make your loved one’s graduation day that extra bit special, see our ready-made Floribunda Graduation Bouquet in rich mauves and pinks, or glowing golds and coppers, so your graduate can truly bask in their achievement. If you’d like a customer arrangement, get in touch with us to talk to our florist about your specific requirements.  

Prices start from just $60 and you can add extra gifts, such as ethical chocolate, sparkling wine or a beautiful NZ made card – with a custom message inside. Scarecrow Flowers offer fast delivery or pick up options, from either our Auckland CBD or Mount Eden locations. 



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