The Simple Life

The Simple Life

I wonder how many of you remember the British sitcom, ‘The Good Life’ (hmm, taking us back to the mid ‘70’s & 80’s…. last century!). I’m looking at this ‘lockdown’ newsletter and feeling very much like our lives have taken a turn in that direction. Minus the amusement of the neighbour Margot Leadbetter of course, as we’ve all sadly had to keep our neighbours at arm’s length! However it’s true that we have harvested amazing produce from our late winter garden every day and enjoyed the daily egg deliveries from our ‘old girls’ who are clearly loving the longer daylight hours.

But really these pictures only tell part of the story. The other, unseen part, is the ongoing pressure of trying to prepare and run a business, any business really, in this increasingly unsure environment. Everyone has a story to tell here. Some more heart wrenching than others, but all of us bracing for an unpredictable time ahead. So, if you are able to, do make the most of this time of relative solitude to appreciate the quiet and some rest while building your resilience. Also please see in this newsletter ways you can support small business, check out the S.O.S Business link below, think of a favourite business you can put a hand out to. See what great things the Kokako team have been up to for supporting hospitality!

It’s certainly been a tough time in NZ, and we need to be patient and inclusive. I love the diversity of the community we serve in our stores. Let’s make sure everyone continues to feel embraced and we don’t oppress or punish those who might appear to be different.

Here’s a quick and simple salad recipe for you to enjoy on the next sunny day, it’s a little twist on a real classic!

Assemble a load of fresh salad greens – you can use all sorts of things like rocket, spinach, beetroot leaves, chives, parsley, watercress (‘tis the season!) and any variety of lettuce leaves. Lightly cook some fine green beans, cool them. Finely slice a firm pear and scatter it on the tossed leaves and beans; salt. Sprinkle liberally with blue cheese or a favourite cheese of your choice (could be shaved Parmesan, a truffled Brie or a vegan cheese) and add a generous dose of crushed fresh walnuts. The Uncle Joe’s walnuts grown in Central Otago are so fresh and tasty, they’re perfect for this salad. Make a dressing with olive oil (have you tried the Kapiti Olive oil?), Dijon whole seed mustard and apple cider vinegar. Voilà! Mmm.

The Simple Life on Waiheke

We’ve been forced to slow down, and in many ways that has been lovely. Spending time with our hands in the earth, planting more native trees, gathering goodies from the vegetable garden, tending to our chickens in retirement (still producing beautiful eggs & always appreciative of a cuddle). We can’t wait to be back fully operational and seeing your faces each day in the city & Mt Eden, but until that can happen, our simple life is not too bad.

Hampers & Cellar back on!

We’re readying ourselves for a return to online hamper & cellar orders, with contactless deliveries of course. Fran has been a gem, working behind the scenes at Mt Eden Rd (still closed at Level 4) to make sure everything is ready. New to our Gift Hamper range are some lovely options for those going through Level 3 or 4 alone, or just needing some cheer. This is an easy way to let them know they are loved and in your thoughts. We’ll take all the necessary precautions and ensure your delivery arrives safely.



Support local wine producers

This week, we will be reopening our online cellar with contactless deliveries. We’ve been thinking in particular  about our local wineries, who will have been hit hard without being able to receive income from the usual channels like cellar door visits. Do have a look at our range (including our brand new Waiheke Wine Selection) online, we are so proud of the wines we stock & in awe of the talent of our local NZ winemakers. Kia kaha friends, we hope we’ll soon be out of this tough situation & regular trading can begin for us all very soon. Please support our local wine producers by purchasing online during lockdown.


Scarecrow Blend from Kokako

We are so grateful for the initiatives that have popped up during Level 4, particularly from our good friends at Kokako Coffee. You can support us while our doors are closed and enjoy the taste of our coffee in the comfort of your own home with your favourite Scarecrow coffee blend specially roasted by Kōkako! 25% of the sale of each bag of coffee will come back to our café, giving us a a helping hand while we wait to open our doors again. Visit Kokako online now to purchase yours!


Hospo at Home…

Thanks again to our fabulous friends at Kokako, you can now cook up a storm from home, with a gorgeous collection of recipes from cafés across NZ. Let us know how you get on with Scarecrow’s contribution, our gluten free Walnut, Chocolate & Coffee Cake. It’s one of our faves & we think you’ll love it too! You can find this gorgeous little lockdown treasure online here for only $10! Kokako, you’re amazing!



SOS Business Vouchers

One more way for you to support your favourite small businesses: consider an SOS voucher! SOS Business was set up to help these local businesses sell gift cards that you can redeem later when they re-open. This will do a part in helping our hospitality friends to stay afloat during this time. There are so many fabulous businesses registered, including Scarecrow ;). Do have a look online and find your favourite. We all so appreciate your support right now!


Finally, it’s spring!

Spring is in the air & new growth is all around. Native Karo is one of my favourites this time of year. With deep-raspberry coloured blossoms which hang in heavy clusters and green-grey leaves, Karo brings an added touch of brilliance to the valley in springtime. Usually we see these flowers a little later in the season, followed by its fruit from around February to June. Karo provides great bird food for our native feathered friends!


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