The Arts & The City: A Love Letter

The Arts & The City: A Love Letter

Dear Creatives,
We love what you do to bring our city to life. For helping us dream, think outside our narrow prisms of understanding, opening our hearts and minds to new ideas. Bringing us beauty and challenging our views on what is beautiful.

Wasn’t the Cabaret Season great? (My pick has to be “Edith Piaf a l’Olympia”!). Oh! And the opera too. Wasn’t the recent cornucopia of film festivals wonderful – Documentary, Italian, French, Architecture, take your pick! And how about our city art gallery and library, just pumping out one marvellous exhibit or school holiday event after another, the recent erection of the Ghost Waka in the still waters of the Art Gallery forecourt is a masterpiece in dreaming and public art. We listen to your extraordinary music, going to concerts or musicals in large and small venues, to enjoy your vibes. Our theatres are brimming with productions, dancers, actors, writers and directors giving movement and voice to our city. All this talent here in Aoteoroa. And every event YOU create brings us together, brings our community to the city to enjoy shared experiences: eating and playing together. Thank you to all the artists, photographers, musicians, writers, filmmakers, actors, sculptors and the essential support people around you for all your heart and soul, for all the investment you dedicate to your work and for the very real contribution you make to the economic and cultural vibrancy of the city.

We were recently asked by a performance artist to contribute a ‘prize’  for her upcoming show, “What The Quiz Is This?” (Basement Theatre, 17 August). Businesses are approached every year to support events, community events, sporting activities and so much more. At Scarecrow we particularly love to support the Arts sector. We are very proud to do our little bit, particularly for ‘one off events’ and regularly for the DocEdge Film Festival and the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra.  We are very grateful to the Arts sector for all they do.

We look forward to seeing you soon in either one of our stores.

Restaurant Month is just around the corner…

It’s that time again… Heart of the City’s Restaurant Month is back this August. We’ve been working away on our menu for several months now and are very excited to reveal it here! This menu is available as either a two course ($25, entree + main or main + dessert) or 3 course ($40). The entrée is a creamy roasted mushroom soup served with artisan bread, perfect for a cold winter’s day, with the main a saffron orzo with spinach, spiced carrots, and caramelised onions. The dessert is a mouth-watering walnut and hazelnut baklava which comes with poached pear, tahini yoghurt, and pistachio praline. August is just around the corner, so be sure to book in advance as our Restaurant Month menus are always very popular!

The Te Mata Figs Range

Te Mata Figs is a family owned, organically certified fig grower and award winning fig manufacturer, established from a passion to grow amazing figs in the warm Mediterranean type climate of Hawke’s Bay, and Scarecrow has been a long time supporter of these wonderful products. Te Mata Figs grow around 30 varieties of fresh figs and produce a wide range of fig products at The Figgery near Havelock North. They are committed to sustainability in their fig growing, production and packaging; just one of the reasons we adore this range. Grab some instore – your next cheese platter will thank you!


La Petite Chocolate

Another fabulous Hawke’s Bay producer! La Petite Chocolate is an artisan chocolate shop, locally owned and operated in Hawke’s Bay with handmade chocolates with the finest organic, fair trade & single-origin cacao. Ingredients are sourced locally where possible and these chocolates are like a window to the story of the growers. Wrapped in special compostable packaging which also maintains the required barrier properties to protect the chocolate in the best possible way, this chocolate is truly delicious. You can buy instore & online from Scarecrow. Come and talk to one of the team today!

Grinning Gecko Cheese Tasting, instore at Scarecrow Grocer

Pop this one in your diary… from 10am on Saturday 31 July at Scarecrow Grocer, we’ll be running an instore tasting of award winning Grinning Gecko Cheese. The small internationally acclaimed artisan cheese producer from Whangarei hand-make all their cheeses from certified organic milk sourced locally to create some of New Zealand’s finest soft cheese. With a team of just 6, Grinning Gecko was blown away to win a whopping 11 medals at the 2020 NZ Champions of Cheese Awards. Make sure you’re with us on the 31st, this is one you won’t want to miss. Contact to find out more.  

August’s Cellar Special 

Kicking off our new monthly Scarecrow Cellar Special is one of your (and our!) favourites. Millton Vineyards Florist Rosé has delightful fresh raspberry characters and a dash of spice & salinity, and we are delighted to have this beauty back in stock! To celebrate, for AUGUST only, Scarecrow is offering this to you at a fantastic price. Pop into our cellar at 811 Mt Eden Road and grab a bottle (or order online) FOR JUST $23.50. If you’re lunching at Scarecrow in the City, enjoy a glass for just $11, or purchase the bottle for $55 when dining instore. Remember, get 5% off if you purchase 6 or more bottles from the cellar! *Does not apply to wines already discounted.

New in, & a firm favourite!

In other wine news, we have to let you know about Peregrine’s 2019 Chardonnay, now gracing the Scarecrow Cellar shelves at 811 Mt Eden Road. Elegant with lovely tension and structure; white peach and preserved lemon combine with roasted hazelnuts, jasmine and delicate texture for a delicious drop we absolutely love. While you’re in the cellar, do pick up a bottle of the consistently top performing TED Pinot Noir from Mount Edward Winery in Central Otago. Concentrated & soft with cherry notes and a savoury finish, we know a glass of TED Pinot Noir will hit the spot.


Wild Dispensary

One of our most favourite new products on the shelves at Scarecrow Grocer is the gorgeous herbal medicine range from Wild Dispensary, all the way from the rugged surrounds of Dunedin. Every one of the products has a wild element. Wild harvesting offers not only premium and potent traditional pant medicine- but also a connection to nature for us all. The team at Wild Dispensary is truly passionate about providing natural medicine right from our very own backyard. Come in store and discover this gorgeous range.


Important update on Scarecrow Family Pies & Lasagne

After months of consideration & reflection we have made the difficult decision to increase the price of our large sized family pies & lasagne, effective 1 August. We have tried very hard to keep our pies under $30 but it simply isn’t viable for this beautiful handmade product. From 1 August, the price for a family pie will be $33.50. Similarly our lasagne have come under the microscope, and after scrutiny we must raise the price to $23. We know you will vote with your feet, and hope you understand the variables we have had to consider to keep these very popular products available to you. This has been a hard one for us to swallow and we thank you for your understanding.


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