Scarecrow Grocer @ 811 Mt Eden Rd is open!

Scarecrow Grocer @ 811 Mt Eden Rd is open!

I’ve never been a fan of roller coasters. To this day I distinctly remember the sickening feeling as I clutched my 5 year-old as we hurtled, seemingly without control and without end, around the Parc Asterix roller coaster outside Paris where we lived at the time. And here we are again, blindfolded and hurtling around in a new world that feels alarmingly like a roller coaster ride.

However, with age, I’ve learnt some stuff (no claims to wisdom here). Firstly, the roller coaster will inevitably end. Secondly, we can still be brave when there is fear and uncertainty. Thirdly, step away from the wild ride and discover how much more there is to enjoy in our ‘amusement park’ world – new communities emerging from the chaos, deeper family connections, stronger work place loyalties. 

Yes, it’s a chaotic time for us all, and, as you know, especially tough for some sectors such as the hospitality industry. But as many others have discovered, optimism and new strategies can overcome the sense of chaos, and we can find better pathways forward. The new Scarecrow Grocer is our pathway forward, as you’ve heard in our previous newsletters.

It has been heartening for us to be welcomed and embraced by our new Mt Eden community over these past days. You’ve already shared lots of ideas and enthusiasm with us and we really look forward to bringing you the store, products and service you want. Keep talking to us! We are listening.

Scarecrow in the city continues to be a haven for our much-loved city community. We wouldn’t be able to move forward without your loyalty, encouragement and friendship. We are very grateful for your continued support of Scarecrow.

Above all, thank you to our formidable team, the old crew and the ‘newbies’; tirelessly dedicated, creative, professional and hard working. It’s been a huge learning curve – changing our ways of operating, and you are the heroes of this story: making Scarecrow more robust and ready for the next sharp-bend, high-peak or scary-dip on the ride! Thank you for holding on tight on the roller coaster. 

– Alison Dyson, Scarecrow founder.

Scarecrow Grocer is Open!


We got there! Scarecrow Grocer at 811 Mt Eden Road is open, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the result. If you’ve been following our news for the past 6 weeks you’ll have an insight into the journey behind the opening of our new Scarecrow baby, but for those of you who are new to our newsletter, here’s a quick recap.

Lockdown in March put the country into a state of shock. Our world turned on its head overnight and as a small hospitality business located in an eerily quiet & boarded-up CBD, we went into survival mode. The forced shutdown gifted us time and headspace to assess our business, our direction, our way of doing business, our future plans. More than ever buying locally became significant; in fact our only option. Alison & Paul founded Scarecrow to support the idea of living locally, buying locally and supporting local artisanal producers; and so in many ways since March we have embodied these principles in a most authentic way.


During our first lockdown, the seed of Scarecrow Grocer was planted. We have a beautiful café/ kitchen, florist & artisan grocer in the heart of the city; what if we replicated a version of it in the suburbs?

Fast-forward to September; after an inordinate amount of planning, hard work, late nights & inevitable glitches, Scarecrow Grocer at 811 Mt Eden Road lives. It truly is a thing of beauty, showcasing the best of local NZ artisan goods; organic meats, produce, eggs & dairy, boutique NZ wines & craft beers, quality grocery items, fresh house made deli and ready mealsgift baskets, our own in-house florist, and much more!

Your support means the world to us, so please come and see us very soon at Scarecrow Grocer, right next door to Wild Wheat bakery at 811 Mt Eden Road.

Meet the team…

Nothing can be a success without a great team. Here are the fabulous faces you’ll see at Scarecrow Grocer…


I am originally from Russia, but have been living in NZ for over 8 years, and it is my home now. <3 Before Scarecrow Grocer, I managed The Raw Kitchen, a vegan cafe located at City Works Depot in Auckland city. My biggest passion is definitely food, and I am obsessed with movement & being outdoors in any shape or form! I love cooking and trialling new recipes. I love nerdy “sciency” nutrition stuff, epigenetics, yoga, meditation, gym, boxing, surfing and travelling. Oh and sustainability! I also love psychology and mindfulness, pretty deep stuff! I am absolutely stoked to be a part of the Scarecrow team. These guys are doing amazing things, and their values really resonate with me. I also absolutely love the team; such a wonderful bunch of hard working people who have come together to provide the community with so much deliciousness!


Ciao! I am originally from Olgiate Olona, a little suburban town close to Milan, Italy. Shortly after achieving my Masters Degree in Biology I left home to travel the world, which led me to a career in the coffee industry and Atomic Coffee Roasters,  where I was involved in coffee roasting and production. I am passionate about anything ocean-related: surfing, diving, swimming; basically anything & everything! I also love good food enjoyed with great friends and a delicious glass of wine ;). The Scarecrow family is a group of like-minded foodies, all very passionate people aspiring to share a laugh and a story with our customers whenever we can… that’s why I’m so stoked to be part of the team! What I love the most about our Mt Eden customers is all the fab cooking tips we have already been sharing. ????



Our product range

Where to begin? There simply isn’t enough space on a page to do justice to the incredible artisan products we stock at Scarecrow Grocer. We’d need a tome!

From chilled organic dairy (hello Mahoe Farmhouse, Over the Moon and Clevedon Buffalo!), meat (biodynamic, organic from Durham Farms, organic from Bostock Brothers), eggs, specialty dips & spreads; Scarecrow-made soups, family pies, house cured duck and salmon, and our very own ready-meals right through to Italian pastas, passatas, Damson Plum products, NZ harvest nuts, Waiheke Herb Spreads, artisan chocolate heaven, sustainable homewares – and so, so much more! You really must call in and witness the goodness for yourselves! We are open til 6pm every day, so plenty of time before or after work to pop in and devour.


A new home for Scarecrow Florist

We’ve needed a dedicated HQ for our overflowing florist department for some time now. At 811 Mt Eden Road, Nicole & Alison are happily settling into the most gorgeous workshop around the back of Scarecrow Grocer. After some blessed with the most beautiful rustic renovation, including the addition of an antique, stained-glass window & huge wooden workbench, our onsite florists now have their very own space to create fresh flower arrangements for any occasion.

Order online or come and see Nicole or Alison around the back of Scarecrow Grocer. Pop your head through the door, take a deep breath in & be transported to flower heaven, or ask in store.

Choose from our range online and have us deliver, or call in and pick up one of the ample fresh daily bouquets in front of the store in Mt Eden or Scarecrow in the city.

NZ Wines, Craft Beers & Ciders

Did someone say NZ wine, beer & cider? We know, it’s tough, but someone hasto taste all the boutique wines, craft beers & cider lining the shelves of the Scarecrow Grocer cellar, and let us assure you we’ve been taking this very seriously ;).

We’ve focused on smaller, local NZ producers from the likes of Waiheke IslandMatakana and Central Otago (each of these guys have amazing stories behind their brands), and we’ve deliberately opted for organic and vegan where possible.


First reviews are in!

We actually couldn’t have put it better ourselves. This fabulous piece by The Urban List captures the essence of our new baby at 811 Mt Eden Road.

So what are you waiting for? Come and see our beautiful new baby, Scarecrow Grocer now! You are going to love it.

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