Pumpkin and Hazelnut Pesto

500g peeled and seeded butternut squash
5g roasted and finely ground cumin seed
85g roast and skinned hazelnuts
20g honey
10g apple syrup
30g roast pumpkin seed
30g confit garlic
5g Italian parsley
25ml extra virgin olive oil

Chop butternut into even large dice, combine butternut, honey, apple syrup and cumin in a roasting tray
Cover with baking paper and tinfoil
Roast at 175 degrees Celsius until soft (approximately 45 minutes)
Allow to cool
Process hazelnuts and pumpkin seeds in food processor until chunky consistency
Process butternut, garlic and half the nut mixture until well combined
Transfer to a bowl and fold through remaining nut mix, chopped parsley and olive oil
Season to taste
Serve with warm bread or crackers

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