Apple Carpaccio Recipe

Apple Carpaccio Recipe

Sick of that 80s style fruit salad? With these simple steps you can inject ego-cooking into your morning routine!

This beautiful Apple Carpaccio dish is not only delicious, but it’s also healthy and easy to prepare.

1/2 Granny Smith Apple
1/2 Pacific Rose/Braeburn/Gala Apple
5 g Coconut Sugar or Muscovado Sugar
30 ml Ceres Organic Apple Syrup
10 ml Lime Juice
10 g Mint
30 ml Natural Yoghurt or Coconut Yoghurt
40 g Scarecrow Breakfast Cereal
A few edible flowers for garnish

1. Chop mint finely and reserve a few leaves for garnish.
2. Slice the apple thinly (roughly 2mm) and place in a bowl with the chopped mint and sugar
3. Toss the apple slices gently until they are equally coated
4. Get your adult pants on and be prepared for ego-cheffing
5. Okay, here we go; Fold the apple slices in a conical and visually pleasing way and arrange them in a circular fashion on the plate.
6. Drizzle the apples with Yoghurt, Apple Syrup, and our wonderful Breakfast Cereal, finally garnishing with a few mint leaves and edible flowers.
7. Take a mandatory Instagram photo.

By the handsome and talented, Damian Husted.

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