Summer Dinner 2nd December

December 2nd 2017 630pm start

Summer Dinner at Scarecrow Café: fundraising event for Rainbow Youth.

On arrival you will be invited to choose one of 35 bowls, each hand made by a local ceramicist. Choose one to eat out of and take it home to keep!

Vegetarian menu by Scarecrow, plus a glass of matched wine.

Tickets are $96, limited to 35 people only. Please email or to book your place.

We are indebted to these ceramicists, thank you all!

Monique Redmond
Richard Orjis
Kristen Dryburgh
Harriet Stockman
Heather Hayward
Hayley Vujcich
Paul Neason
Gradon Diprose
Fuyuko Akiyoshi
Erica Van Zon
Harold Barton
Bobby Park
Emily Siddell and Mark Goody
Holly Houston
Felicity Donaldson
Esther McDonald
Tamara Nelson-Rookes
Lily Weeds
Tim Grocott
Renee Boyd
Paul Melser

All proceeds benefit Rainbow Youth, a charity that supports queer and gender diverse youth in Aotearoa, New Zealand.