Medicinal Mushroom Workshop

Join Misty Day Plant Potions for an evening of ‘shrooms!

Learn about the key medicinal mushrooms and find out how they can bring magick into your life.

They’ll be serving functional shroom elixirs and treats and you’ll take home info, recipes and free product!

You will come away with a great understanding of

– The basics of the funghi kingdom
– Their history as food and medicine
– Traditional usage in TCM and in the west
– More in depth Information on 5 key medicinal mushrooms and how they can help you
– You will get to try 2 medicinal mushroom treats and 2 mushroom elixirs
– Then you get to take home a mushroom product, full notes and a head full of mushrooms!

Come along and discover the magick of mushrooms! Tickets are $40, get them here:

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