Community responsibility and sustainability are core to every aspect of Scarecrow’s operations. We strive to go beyond statutory obligations in terms of respect and care for our community, staff and customers; and support for our shared environment.

Scarecrow is committed to promoting sustainability in all areas of our business by:


  • Composting all suitable materials from the café, kitchen & florist.
  • Recycling all other waste materials wherever possible.
  • Supporting the local city community in which we operate through charitable donations, advocacy and sponsorship.
  • Selecting products consciously:
    • Produce that is locally grown, organic or spray-free wherever possible
    • Meats that are free-range and/or organic where appropriate and possible
    • Fish and seafood that is sustainably caught or farmed
  • Selecting suppliers by preference from the Auckland region, or New Zealand, wherever possible, and whose values align well with our own
  • Promoting minimal energy and water consumption
  • Choosing compostable packaging for take-away items and grocery bags
  • Avoiding plastic bags and, wherever possible, products that are unnecessarily packaged in plastic.
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